Connect The World With Draco


Draco Logistics Co., accumulated many years of experiences to provide all-round import and export and bonded customs business services. We serve on customs declaration for various industries to import, export, and transit with sea freight and air freight.

We attach importance to the overall service standards and efficiency. Through all of our services, we support trust and transparency in both business and the public sector. In addition, many of our services are directly related to sustainability, such as environmental standards and product safety.

1. Standard services: Our professional customs officers, are qualified, in line with national customs operations standards to ensure the efficiency of customs clearance and customer safety, maintenance of service quality.

2. To enhance the quality: the company held an annual internal training or invite relevant experts to train on seminar.

3. Attention to customers: the principle of good faith reciprocity, to ensure the safety of documents to protect customer business information.

4. Computerized operations: improve the information system year by year, upgrade equipment, integrate the connection of customs and customer transaction operations, real-time monitor the status of import and export of customs clearance, speed up customs clearance process, reduce customer customs clearance costs.

5. The main services of the declaration are:
• General and bonded import and export declarations business
• Production equipment import and export declarations business
• Triangle trade and entrepot trade declaration business
• Package plant import and export declaration business
• d'affaires exemption from import duties
• Tariff Act advisory service